When ROSM opened our Annapolis office almost a year ago, we welcomed one of the United States’ most distinguished military physicians to our team: Col. Sean Mulvaney, MD. One of the procedures he frequently performs involves Lipogems, a cutting-edge FDA-cleared technology.

“Being on the forefront of research and technology is important to me,” Dr. Mulvaney said. “After serving in the military for the past thirty-one years, I am committed to delivering ethical and quality care to my patients. I still keep the principles that I learned from the military. I only offer technologies that have strong scientific evidence.”

For example, Dr. Mulvaney recently published a literature review about regenerative therapies. So, we blogged about the study in our debut blog post. His commitment to excellent patient care rooted in the latest science lead him to offer Lipogems. If Annapolis is out of your way, Dr. Ferrell also performs Lipogems procedures.

In a Lipogems procedure, a physician collects, cleanses, and injects a patient’s own fat into injured tissues to provide cushion and support. The procedure takes fat from a small incision in the patient’s upper buttock. Moreover, the process requires so little fat that most patients notice no trace of the procedure after the incision site heals.

Andrea’s Story

Andrea Smith, a former gymnast and five-time world champion Masters Olympic weight lifter, is one of Dr. Mulvaney’s many satisfied patients. An orthopedic surgeon gave her a cortisone shot for a serious knee injury. However, it only helped temporarily. As a result, she came to Dr. Mulvaney.

“When I reinjured my knee, my back got worse,” Andrea said. “When Dr. Mulvaney got out of the military, I saw him and he recommended Lipogems. The procedure was easy and Lipogems for me was literally lifechanging.”

Interested in hearing more about patients’ Lipogems experience? Check out this video. Sarah is a real patient and was not compensated for her testimonial. Video Courtesy of Sean Mulvaney, MD.

Written by Dr. John

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