Benefits of Prolotherapy

Prolotherapy is an invaluable form of regenerative medicine that leads the way in the treatment of acute and chronic injuries. It is ideal when it comes to the treatment of difficult-to-resolve joint pain. At Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we have noted significant benefits that patients reap from Prolotherapy. Information can be found here.

They include:

Helps Repair Tendon Injuries

The procedure increases platelet-derived growth factor expressions that help with the repairment of damaged tendons. According to some research studies, Prolotherapy is the ideal treatment procedure for Achilles tendinopathy. See here for information about Common Questions about Prolotherapy.

Resolves Shoulder Injuries and Pain

Prolotherapy has shown to be effective in the treatment of shoulder injuries and pain. These often result from the rotator cuff being overworked. A large percentage of Prolotherapy patients report improvement in sleep and exercise ability after undergoing the procedure.

Treat Injuries to the Hands and Feet

Prolotherapy is used to minimize pain associated with common injuries experienced by young and middle-aged adults. The pain often results from repetitive use and damage to the ulnar collateral ligament. Prolotherapy also reduces the pain associated with tendon ruptures, misalignments, and fractures.

Treats Elbow and Wrist Tendonitis

Prolotherapy is the ideal non-surgical treatment option for elbow and wrist tendonitis. The approach is also helpful with musculoskeletal damage caused by repetitive use and joint degeneration.