College Park, Maryland is a Friendly College Suburb

Reasons Students Love College Park, Maryland

College Park is best known for the University of Maryland, but there is more to this community than just the university.  College Park is full of great restaurants, shops, running trails, arts and cultural opportunities, sporting events, and more. The area boasts several fun things for both students and overall residents around here. Some of them include. Washington, DC information can be seen at this link.

Endless Fun Opportunities

If you’re looking for a suburb that has an endless supply of entertainment and educational events, College Park might be perfect.  The university offers so many events, concerts, and sports that there’s always something going on.  The area connects with great trails and is close to many parks. And it provides easy access to the rest of the region through the Metro and the Beltway. Click here to read about College Park, Maryland is an Up-and-Coming Community.

Visit The Maryland University

If you ask those residing in College Park, Maryland, about what to do in town, they will undoubtedly mention the university. A large public research university, the University of Maryland, is worth a visit for several reasons. Hear a guest lecture, catch a basketball game at the Xfinity Center during the season from October through March, read a book at McKeldin Library, and tour the Rossborough Inn, the university’s oldest structure, which is said to be haunted.