College Park, Maryland is an Up-and-Coming Community

College Park, Maryland is a Thriving Community

Situated in Prince George’s County, Maryland, College Park is just over eight miles from Washington D.C. and is known as the home of the University of Maryland. Featuring an abundance of green space, some unique attractions, cool neighborhoods, and time-honored architecture, College Park, MD, is a community that caters to all sorts of people and interests. More can be found here.

A Developing Neighborhood

The downtown area around the University of Maryland has the typical college town feel, with lots of pedestrians and bikes and plenty of shops and restaurants.  In the form of condo buildings for upper-level students, new student housing is popping up all over the area.  And there are plans to redevelop the downtown area to make it even more pedestrian-friendly and compact in the future. Learn more about Bethesda, Maryland is a Fun-Centered Community.

Lots of Housing Options

The Lakeland neighborhood is just east of the university; this area has lovely historic single-family dwellings and new apartment homes. Located in the north part of the city, the Hollywood neighborhood features post-WWII subdivisions. A historic district in the south, Calvert Hills has lots of early 20th century homes; some of these have been converted into multi-unit apartment structures, which has made the neighborhood more affordable for those moving to this part of College Park.