Dr. Ferrell On Redefining Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

Dr. John Ferrell Sheds Light On Orthopedics and Sports Medicine in the Edge On Regenerative Medicine Podcast

Recently, Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine (ROSM)’s own Dr. John Ferrell was featured on the podcast Edge On Regenerative Medicine to discuss how he and other regenerative medical practitioners are redefining the field of regenerative medicine. Edge on Regenerative Medicine focuses on highlighting innovation in the field of regenerative medicine and brings together leading regenerative medical professionals, like Dr. John Ferrell, from across the United States. These guest speakers inform on a variety of topics in the field. In this episode, Dr. John Ferrell speaks about changing the way we understand current examination and treatment protocols and how patients can benefit from a thorough and comprehensive standard of care.

Addressing The Treatment Gap

During the podcast, Dr. Ferrell notes that oftentimes patients will jump around from doctors to specialists dragging on for multiple appointments. During which, patients are typically given short term relief, only 15 minutes of examination time, and the option to endure an invasive surgery or live with the pain. In terms of redefining orthopedics, Dr. Ferrell gives the example of a patient suffering from a rotator cuff tear and highlights the importance of alternatives to surgical procedures.

In his example, Dr. Ferrell describes the “treatment gap” referring to people who are left with conservative and surgical options that cannot meet their needs, resulting in them living with their pain. Through redefining orthopedics and sports medicine, Dr. Ferrell highlights that patients suffering from these types of conditions can benefit from regenerative medicine. He describes the comprehensive process that patients follow at ROSM:

  1. An initial appointment spanning 30-45 minutes, wherein the patient’s medical history is reviewed and a thorough and comprehensive examination is conducted to discover the source of the problem. This means diagnosis on the first day, rather than having to visit multiple practitioners before a diagnosis can be made.
  2. Treatment options are determined that are both conservative and non-surgical, meaning they require no long recovery periods, short procedure durations, and are non-invasive. These procedures are science-backed and have delivered results to patients across the US.

Dr. Ferrell highlighted that patients don’t have to live in pain and that there may be other options for your orthopedic condition beyond surgery. To hear more about redefining our understanding of orthopedics and sports medicine, see the podcast here.

About Dr. John Ferrell, MD

Dr. John Ferrell is one of the founders at ROSM and a board-certified Family Medicine Physician with an added specialty certification in Sports Medicine and Musculoskeletal Sonography. He’s currently a Team Physician for DC United and a native Washingtonian.

Dr. Ferrell received his medical degree from The Pennsylvania State College of Medicine and interned at the Milton S. Hershey Medical Center before spending four years in the Navy taking care of sailors and their families. Afterward, he completed his Family Medicine training at MedStar Franklin Square Medical Center in Baltimore, where he served as Chief Resident. Dr. Ferrell later went to complete his Sports Medicine Fellowship at Fairfax Family Practice. During his fellowship, Dr. Ferrell worked with the Washington Nationals’ and Redskins’ and served as a Team Physician for George Mason University while receiving intensive training in ultrasound diagnostics of musculoskeletal injuries and regenerative medicine injections

After years of training in martial arts, Dr. Ferrell knows first-hand what it’s like to recover an injury and can better empathize with his patients because of it. He believes in a holistic approach to the musculoskeletal system and that bodies need to be treated as one entity.

Dr. Ferrell enjoys non-surgical management of orthopedic problems, regenerative medicine (especially using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)), concussion management, and exercise prescription for patients who want to increase their fitness.

See the podcast Redefining Orthopedics and Sports Medicine for yourself by following this link.

Written by Dr. John

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