Explore the Heurich House Museum in Washington, DC

Heurich House Museum is a landmark building in Washington, DC. It was once the home of Christian Heurich, an immigrant to America who made his fortune as the owner of Heurich Brewery and became one of the richest men in the city. Today, Heurich House Museum celebrates this history by hosting tours for visitors that explore its beautiful architecture and collections such as Heurich’s original safe and brewing equipment from 1872. The museum also offers guests a chance to enjoy delicious beer samples. Learn information about Washington, DC.


The Heurich House Museum is a museum right in the heart of Washington, DC. It was once home to William Heurich and his family but now it’s open for visitors from all over the world to see what life was like for them during their time there. You can explore rooms that were used by Heurich himself as well as explore where he brewed his own beer back before Prohibition outlawed brewing alcohol at home. Visitors can also enjoy seeing how Heurich would have decorated his house, putting together furniture that they found through different antique shops across town. The Heurich House Museum has special events too so be sure to keep an eye on local calendars. Discover facts about Hidden Tourist Attraction: Dupont Underground in Washington, DC.