Help Heal Your Own Body With Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Nathan Yokel

Recently, Dr. Nathan Yokel was featured on the Washington Wellness podcast to discuss regenerative medicine.

The Washington Wellness is a podcast aimed at educating the local DC community about health, fitness, and wellness to help listeners improve their quality of life. In the episode “Help Heal Your Own Body With Regenerative Medicine”, Dr. Yokel discusses a range of topics from the advantages of the musculoskeletal ultrasound to the phases of tissue healing after an injury. The podcast was aimed to help educate listeners on the innovative field of regenerative medicine, and display the science behind alternate methods of healing beyond surgery.

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

It is a field that involves using your own body’s tissue to help heal a number of painful orthopedic conditions. Through the use of biological substances like platelet-rich plasma, this treatment technique promotes your body’s natural healing process in order to regenerate tissue and heal a painful condition.

Regenerative medicine goes beyond your symptoms and aims to find a solution to your condition. It is an exciting field that provides patients relief in a number of different areas. These areas include hip pain, joint pain, osteoarthritis, and more. Because regenerative medicine uses biological substances to potentially heal disease and injury, success rates are high due to a low risk of rejection.

The podcast highlights the use of regenerative medicine for not only immediate injuries but those that have become chronic – to not only alleviate pain but also restore function. Dr. Yokel also highlights the importance of not compartmentalizing pain, as in seeing a knee doctor for knee pain. One area might have been the source of chronic pain, but a variety of micro problems can surface if that area is left unaddressed.

Check out the podcast here.

More On Dr. Nathan Yokel, MD

Dr. Nathan Yokel is a native of the Maryland Metro DC area but moved to Philadelphia to complete medical school at the University of Pennsylvania where he augmented his medical training with a Master’s degree in Public Health and Business Administration at Johns Hopkins University.

During his residency training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a focus on diagnostic and interventional ultrasound and sports medicine at the Georgetown University Hospital/National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington DC, Dr. Yokel served as Chief Resident and developed a research protocol for assessing the accuracy of ultrasound-guided injections. Following residency, he trained in interventional spinal procedures, regenerative procedures, pain, and occupational medicine.

Today, Dr. Yokel uses his expertise in sports medicine and regenerative treatments and pairs it with traditional procedures and rehabilitation to help patients get back to the activities they enjoy most. He believes in an integrated approach that begins with a careful review of the injury’s history and incorporates traditional physical examination and real-time ultrasound to find the source of each patient’s pain or impaired function.

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Written by Dr. John

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