Hidden Tourist Attraction: Dupont Underground in Washington, DC

Dupont Underground is a hidden tourist attraction that few locals know about. Dupont Underground in Washington, DC is a fascinating place to visit for someone who wants something different than the typical tourist attractions that are visited by most tourists. Dupont Underground is an underground art space and retail location that also features some of Dupont’s oldest buildings dating back to 1872. Visitors can explore the old sewers and tunnels beneath Dupont Circle on guided tours led by trained guides. Dupont Underground offers a unique experience and alternative history lesson for those visiting Washington, DC. Learn more here.

In recent years, it has become more common among travelers from all walks of life to seek out offbeat destinations with the less mainstream appeal but still offer the same kind of awe-inspiring attractions. Dupont Underground in Washington, DC is an offbeat destination that satisfies this criterion and offers a fascinating experience for those who decide to visit. Learn more about National Mall in Washington, DC: Historic Landmark.

Dupont Underground is home to over 60 artists who are displaying their artwork from jewelry designers to painters with works ranging anywhere between $25-$500 per piece! This type of destination would be perfect for travelers looking for something different but don’t want it too far outside of the mainstream attractions as Dupont Underground lies just blocks away from Dupont Circle and other popular tourist destinations.