Hyattsville, MD: A Great Place to Live

Hyattsville is a small city in Maryland. Hyattsville was originally founded as Hyattstown by John Hyatt and he had plans to build a mill there. Hyattsville has many great features, such as its close proximity to Washington, D.C., which makes it an excellent place for commuters looking for work or those who want to be near the nation’s capital. Another thing that Hyattsville does well is providing high-quality schools and public services at a low cost for residents of all income levels; this means that you’ll find affordable housing and good education options here! Hyattsville is a very friendly place and it’s easy to make new friends. Learn more here.

Hyattsville is also home to Hyattsville Arts District, a neighborhood of diverse and creative people who work in the arts. Learn more about Bethesda, Maryland: A Quiet Town with Great Activities and History.

Hyattsville projects an image as one of Maryland’s most desirable places to live with charming tree-lined streets, stately mansions, and more than 300 acres of parkland at Hyatts Park.

Hyattsville celebrates diversity and has been recognized as one of the most diverse communities in America with over 260 different languages spoken each day, according to Hyattsville2020’s 2010 census data. Hyattsville offers residents an incredible selection of restaurants from around the world including Vietnamese, German, Ethiopian, Korean-Chinese cuisine and many more!