Generally speaking, most doctors care about helping their patients. However, some physicians’ passion for healing extends beyond their practice. Our physicians are passionate about helping patients overcome injuries with non-surgical therapies.

But they don’t limit that passion to our offices. They also share their expertise and knowledge of regenerative medicine by teaching other physicians at workshops around the world.

Dr. Ferrell and Dr. Mulvaney recently returned from one such workshop in Mexico. The event was organized by the American Academy of Orthopedic Medicine (AAOM). AAOM and other medical associations host many workshops throughout the year to help physicians learn about the minimally invasive therapies that ROSM physicians perform every day in our clinics.

However, these workshops are more than a chance for doctors to learn how to treat complex orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions with minimally invasive therapies, or how to master musculoskeletal ultrasound. There’s a good reason these events are also called “medical missions”.

The student physicians at these workshops learn by watching leaders in regenerative medicine — like Dr. Ferrell and Dr. Mulvaney — demonstrate these techniques on real patients. These patients are local residents who often have less access to specialized medical care. Also, these patients pay nothing for the care they receive during the workshop.

In addition to sharing their expert knowledge with other physicians, the instructors at these workshops provide top-quality sports medicine care at no cost to the patients.

Written by Dr. John

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