Not Sure About Orthopedic Surgery? You Have Alternatives!

Knee Pain

If you’re suffering from joint issues or tendon injuries, your first choice for treatment might be orthopedic surgeries, like joint replacement, or even medication. While these options have their uses, they also come with risks and disadvantages, such as extensive recovery time or even medication dependency. Even worse, delaying any sort of treatment can have substantial negative impacts on your overall health. Some negatives that come along with delaying your treatment include:

  • Worsening of your condition
  • Increased stiffness of joint, limiting mobility
  • Weakening of surrounding muscles, which may never regain the same strength
  • Favouring of healthy joints due to pain, which strains the rest of the body
  • Obesity, aging, and reduced physical activity can result in more serious issues like cardiac disease, if joint conditions are not treated

If you’re looking for an alternative to your planned orthopedic surgery, our experts have options. ROSM offers solutions that allow you to treat your pain so you don’t have to wait and risk your condition worsening.

What Is My Alternative to Orthopedic Surgery? 

Alternatives that are minimally invasive and do away with medication include Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Microfragmented Adipose, and Bone Marrow Concentrate

PRP: Everybody’s blood contains plasma in addition to red and white blood cells. They are important for forming blood clots. Plasma also contains growth factors, which are important for regenerative medicine in helping to regenerate and relieve your condition. By concentrating and reinserting plasma into the affected location of the body, your plasma is being transferred in great quantities to the part of the body where plasma is needed the most to start the healing process. The growth factors stimulate cell growth to allow your tissue to repair. Once repaired, your pain will fade away and you will be able to regain your normal range of movement. Within a few weeks, the effects of PRP will start to be felt. You may experience a pain reduction and an increased range of motion in the treated area. PRP procedures are outpatient, which means you can simply walk out of the clinic after the therapy to allow you to recover at home. 

Microfragmented Adipose: Microfragmented Adipose is used in musculoskeletal medicine to focus your own body’s ability to heal. We use an FDA-compliant process for preparing adipose that has been in clinical use for 10 years. This is a minor surgical procedure done with sterile technique. Our experts will usually take good quality adipose from the upper buttock area, but other areas, such as the abdomen. The injections use cells that start and support the body’s own repair process. These cells will bind to the injury site and release hundreds of chemical messengers, which in turn repair the damaged tissue. Precisely injecting micro-fragmented adipose into your site of injury will kick start the healing process.

Bone Marrow Concentrate:  Focusing your own body’s ability to heal, BMAC has been in clinical use since the 1990s. Bone marrow is a rich source of progenitor cells, platelets, and anti-inflammatory mediators. These cells bind to an injury site and initiate and organize repair to the damaged tissues. First cells are extracted from the back of the pelvis with minimal pain. The injection site is numbed with a small needle and local anesthetic, then, one of our experts will precisely inject the BMAC using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance. 

In Some Cases You Don’t Need Orthopedic Surgery, ROSM Provides Minimally Invasive Alternatives! 

A regenerative treatment can help treat joint pain and reduce the risk of your condition worsening, or irritating into something far worse. Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offers these therapies along with many other regenerative treatment options to heal and manage your pain. Contact us today before your condition gets worse.


Written by Dr. John

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