Preparing for the First Prolotherapy Visit

At Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we strive to ensure that every patient has a delightful experience in their first Prolotherapy visit. We ensure to meet or exceed patients’ expectations in everything we do. Let us look at how you can prepare for your first visit. More can be found here.

Pain Medications

If you are taking any pain or anti-inflammatory medications, it could be best to stop taking them two to seven days before your initial visit. These medications tend to interfere with the Prolotherapy’s healing process. If you have been taking some narcotic’s medications for a long-term, you should discontinue taking them under the guidance of a certified physician. Learn more about Understanding Prolotherapy.

Test Results

If you have X-ray, MRI, or other pertinent lab results, make sure to bring them along during the initial appointment. With these test results, we can assess various factors to determine if Prolotherapy is an ideal solution for your ailment.

Eat Before Coming In

 If you are feasible for Prolotherapy, you should make sure to eat beforehand. If you have a morning appointment, you can take a good breakfast before coming in. Ideally, add some proteins to your meal. If you have an afternoon appointment, make sure to have taken breakfast and lunch before coming in.