Preparing for Your Prolotherapy Visit: Points to Note

Welcome to Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Our hope is that you will find your visit with us an excellent experience that satisfies or, better, exceeds your expectation. Once you schedule an appointment with us, there are various things you should do to enhance the success of the Prolotherapy procedure. Read on to understand how you should prepare for the visit. More can be found here.

Stop Taking Pain Medications

It is important to stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications at least two to seven days before the visit. Continuing with the medication can interfere with the healing process. If you are under narcotic medications, we recommend that you stop taking them only with the guidance of a professional physician. Learn more about Reasons to Choose Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

Bring Your Test Results

If you have MRI, X-ray, and other pertinent lab reports, ensure to bring them with you for the first appointment. Our practitioners will look at the reports for more information about your condition and determine how Prolotherapy will be used to treat your ailment.


Ensure to Eat Before Coming In

You must eat beforehand! If you are coming in for a morning appointment, ensure to eat a well-balanced breakfast before coming. If you have booked an afternoon appointment, make sure to take both breakfast and lunch before coming in.