Reasons to Choose Prolotherapy Instead of Surgery

In this blog, Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine has discussed why many patients are choosing Prolotherapy over surgery. Visit this link for more information.

They include:


Once you have had a surgical procedure, you cannot undo it. The postoperative recovery following the procedure is also long and difficult. However, Prolotherapy requires no long-term recovery commitment like in surgery. All the procedures are done in-office and do not require anesthesia or major recovery. Better still, you can get back to your activities a day after the treatment. Read about Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prolotherapy Practitioner here.


The cost of surgery is very high, and missing work due to recovery makes it more costly. Besides, you will have expenses of follow-up visits and physical therapy. Luckily, Prolotherapy is more cost-effective. The Regenerative Injection Therapies cost less than a patient’s deductible!


Several risks come with surgery. If the surgery does not work as intended and the pain persists, you will have to live with it. Also, surgery can make the joint weaker and unstable, as the muscles and ligaments surrounding the joint are cut or compromised. 

This will be after investing a lot of money and time. However, when you choose to get Prolotherapy first, you are risking nothing.