Reasons to getting Prolotherapy

Many patients think that they have to live with pain, take lifelong medications, or have surgery to solve their pain. The three choices are not optimal. You do not have to live with the pain because Prolotherapy offers an invaluable pain treatment option. In this post, Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine have shared some of the reasons to get Prolotherapy. Learn more here.

Great Alternative to Surgery

When faced with the adverse prospect of having surgery, it is good to research all the other available options. Depending on your condition, you can choose a more natural solution to your pain. Prolotherapy requires no long-term commitment as in surgery. All aspects of the Prolotherapy procedure are handled in the clinic and require no general anesthesia, overnight stay, or major recovery. Learn more about The Original Frameless Shower Doors Shares the Qualities of Good Glass Shower Doors.

Faster Healing and Recovery Time

Prolotherapy requires no downtime when it comes to recovery. You might only experience a few hours of post-injection soreness that does not warrant pain medication. You can get back to your everyday activities a few days after the procedure.

Physical Tolls

Prolotherapy works with your joints and prompts the immune system to heal itself naturally. The physical therapy that follows the procedure is priceless. It helps to increase and maximize the function of the joints.