ROSM Regenerative Spine Program
by Dr. David Itskevich

Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (ROSM) offers a multitude of innovative procedures to address spine conditions by using a patient’s own natural growth factors or cells to stimulate healing. These non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures are done using advanced image-guidance to ensure targeted and precise treatments.

Our unique approach to these treatments is what sets ROSM apart. Rather than simply treating the findings of an MRI, we take a systematic approach to identify all contributing sources of dysfunction and work to strengthen and support the structures around the spine. 

ROSM’s process is thorough so that we can achieve longer-lasting results and build a foundation for proper recovery. 

  1. Evaluation – When coming in for an initial visit, you can expect to have an in-depth history and physical exam to identify the source of the issue, as well as a possible biomechanical assessment of contributing areas 
  2. Ultrasound – A diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound exam of the soft tissues that surround and help stabilize the spine may be done to look for areas of injury and restriction
  3. Supplementary Imaging – A review of current imaging and orders for additional imaging to compare clinical findings and patient complaints to the MRI and/or x-ray results
  4. Treatment – Appropriate treatment options will be presented which may include:
    1. Ultrasound-guided diagnostic injections to confirm diagnosis
    2. Ultrasound-guided procedures to stabilize soft tissues in-office (1-2 treatments)
    3. Fluoroscopic-guided regenerative procedure at surgery center
  5. Physical Therapy – Collaboration with expert Physical Therapists to promote healing and prevent reinjury, which may include:
    1. Gradually and strategically add stress to the injured area post-regenerative procedures to facilitate and encourage ongoing recovery
    2. Rebalance agonist/antagonist muscle groups crucial for providing stability to the spine
    3. Regain physical activity independence by achieving function-specific goals
  6. Follow-Ups – Will be discussed and scheduled based on type of procedure

Spinal Treatment Programs – Conditions Treated

  1. Neck, mid back, and low back pain
  2. Cervical, thoracic and lumbar strains and sprains
  3. Sciatica/radiculopathy caused by herniated discs
  4. Spinal stenosis
  5. Degenerative disc disease, including annular tears
  6. Arthritis and pain of facet and sacroiliac joints
  7. Cervicogenic headaches
  8. Lumbar spondylolysis/pars defect and spondylolisthesis

ROSM Regenerative Spine Program – Treatment Modalities

Diagnostic Injections

Anesthetic-only (numbing agent) injections to soft tissue injuries or joints

Epidural steroid injections to specific nerve-root levels 

Epidural lysis of adhesions to release known areas of epidural scar tissue compressing nerve roots

Stabilizing Procedures

Ultrasound-guided Prolotherapy and Platelet-Rich Plasma injections to soft tissue injuries

Ultrasound-guided Fascial Hydrodissections to areas of myofascial restriction

Ultrasound-Guided Regenerative Procedures

Facet-joint Platelet-Rich Plasma

Facet-joint Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

Facet-joint Micro-Fragmented Adipose

Costotransverse joint Platelet-Rich Plasma 

Sacroiliac joint Platelet-Rich Plasma

Fluoroscopic-Guided Regenerative Procedures

Epidural Platelet-Rich Plasma

Intradiscal Platelet-Rich Plasma

Intradiscal Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate

As leaders in our industry, we take an unconventional approach to recovery. We’re excited to get you active again using innovative technology and a holistic approach to healing. If you’re dealing with back pain or spinal issues, ROSM is the one to turn to. Contact us to set your appointment up today. 


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