Washington, DC is a Dining Paradise

Sensational Dining in Washington, DC

A trip to Washington, DC, will be incomplete without a dining experience. When you are looking for the best spots to dine, the choices are many at your disposal. The restaurants here are known for their skillful cuisines and international dishes. Here are some of the bests restaurants to dine in.  Click here for facts about Washington, DC.

Kitfo at Ethiopic

Not something you would find everywhere; Ethiopian cuisine has made its home in DC with a strong following from locals and for a good reason. From the various stews offered to the spongy injera bread that you will no doubt be scarfing down, Ethiopic highlights the best of what Ethiopia has to offer. Click here to read about Washington, DC is a Historical City.


Maketto is the hipster capital of DC. Recently opened by Toki Underground’s Erik Bruner-Yang, Maketto focuses on Southeast Asian cuisine, specifically from the regions of Taiwan and Cambodia. A truly original concept, Maketto is a restaurant/coffee shop/retail store rolled into one.

Union Market

Union Market is DC’s one-stop spot for all things foodie. From oozing grilled cheeses to warm pockets of bao and gooey bread pudding, it’s impossible to leave this local marketplace in a severe food coma. If you’re in DC, make sure to head over to Union Market for the famous Korean-inspired tacos or Red Apron’s stand for anything chorizo.