Washington, DC is Home To Monuments

Landmark Monuments to Visit in Washington DC

One outstanding attribute that defines Washington is the existence of several monuments. No town can match or even come near to this record. The monuments are perfect for photographs and lessons about what they represent. Visit this link for more information.

They include:

The Lincoln Memorial

Built-in 1915, this is a beautiful, columned memorial dedicated to Abraham Lincoln. It’s situated at the end of a large reflecting pool that overlooks the WWII Memorial and the Washington Monument. Read about Washington, DC Bubbles with Parks here.

The Jefferson Memorial

Situated on the edge of DC’s Tidal Basin, the Jefferson Memorial is located in an iconic sand-colored dome. In the springtime, cherry blossoms surround the monument, and it is super pretty.

The Capitol

 Visitors to Washington DC can see the building which houses the activities of the United States Congress. The Capitol Building offers free tours and special exhibits throughout the year. It is the tallest and most iconic building in the city. 

The Washington Monument

This is DC’s iconic pointy-tipped monument that stands at the edge of the grassy National Mall. After completing the renovations in 2019, visitors can now go to the top of the monument for a better view of the city and exclusive fun as much as they wish.