Welcome Dr. Yodit Tefera

ROSM is Excited to Welcome Dr. Yodit Tefera to Our DC and Columbia Locations Starting September 21st!

At Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we’re always looking to expand our team of experts to include personnel dedicated to patient care, and Dr. Yodit Tefera fits all our criteria. Read more to find out why you’ll love working with Dr. Tefera to improve your health and wellness!

Dr. Tefera’s Training: An Expert in Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine

Dr. Yodit Tefera is a specialist in Sports and Rehabilitation Medicine. She completed her residency training at New York Presbyterian Hospital, Columbia, and Cornell. During residency, she received the Distinguished House Staff Award for her exemplary service and was selected as chief resident of the Cornell campus. 

She completed an ACGME-accredited Sports Medicine fellowship at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, WA. The fellowship included high level and exceptional training in musculoskeletal and regenerative medicine, as well as diagnostic and interventional ultrasound procedures.

Dr. Tefera focused her training on diagnostic ultrasound and interventional procedures, the forefront of sports medicine. Her primary goal at ROSM is to apply her procedural and medical knowledge to help her patients improve from various injuries. She uses her expertise paired with diagnostic ultrasound to deliver quick and precise results, to improve her patient’s overall quality of life.

Dedication to Patient Care: A True Team Approach

At ROSM, we operate as a team of dedicated experts that come from diverse backgrounds and specialties. Allowing us to deliver exceptional patient care and education. Dr. Tefera takes a true team approach to care. Her strengths lie in her ability to educate her patients on their specific injuries, empowering her patients to understand their conditions to build a healthier lifestyle.

Throughout her medical training, she worked with various levels of individuals ranging from high school to professional athletes. This included the care of professional basketball and college soccer, basketball, softball, track and field, and cross-country players. Her love of sports and her dedication to the team environment promotes patients to take an active role in their recovery.

In addition to working with athletes, she enjoys helping patients of all athletic abilities return to their everyday activities. This includes “weekend warriors” and professional athletes, alike. 

From her diverse training, Dr. Tefera is able to effectively diagnose and manage acute, sub-acute, and chronic musculoskeletal conditions including sports-related and overuse injuries. Additionally, Dr. Tefera understands the importance of follow-up and frequent communication. This allows patients a full understanding of their individual care plan, not limited to a description of the images they’re seeing during an ultrasound. Through this detailed and patient-centered approach, Dr. Tefera helps patients understand what caused their injury and helps them take preventive steps against reinjury. 

Most importantly, Dr. Tefera believes in the care of all athletes, from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience. She hopes to provide her skills and medical expertise to underserved members of the community, who could most benefit from her attention and specialized education in sports medicine. During her time as Chief Resident of the Cornell Campus, she gained an appreciation for leadership and hopes her time at ROSM will be inspirational for future sports medicine students. 

More About Dr. Tefera 

In her free time, Dr. Tefera enjoys long-distance running and has participated in several half marathons. She also enjoys discovering new cities, restaurants, and spending time with her family and friends. As a Maryland native, she enjoys networking with the local running community and like-minded athletes and professionals.

Dr. Yodit Tefera looks forward to assisting you with all of your medical needs. To book an appointment with Dr. Tefera, contact our Columbia and DC ROSM locations today.

Written by Dr. John

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