What Is Regenerative Orthopedics?

Do you wake up every day and find yourself rolling out of bed, instead of sitting up like you used to? Are you plagued with aching joints and a back that seems to hurt every single day? The CDC estimates that 50 million American adults suffer from some type of chronic pain. The daily dose of NSAIDs, the limited mobility, the constant aches and pains, and the need to consistently ice and wrap your sore and aching joints easily become routine. After a certain point in time, you forget what it felt like to not be in pain. You’re so used to hurting that you may not completely feel it anymore. However, you don’t need to continue living like this. You have an option that can help you heal yourself – literally. Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offer another option – regenerative orthopedics – a practice that allows your body to heal itself.

What Areas Can I Treat with Regenerative Orthopedics?

regenerative orthopedics

ROSM procedures are capable of fortifying and healing injuries to the skeleton, muscle, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and other soft tissues in the body. We employ personalized treatment methods utilizing your body’s own recuperative systems to correct orthopedic injuries while avoiding surgery.

How Does Regenerative Medicine Work?

It’s easy to resort to pain medication to relieve your pain. In serious cases, your first option may be surgery. However, regenerative medicine is creating an opportunity for physicians to heal injured people minimally-invasively, with little to no downtime. Revolutionary regenerative medical therapies are giving patients an alternate way to improve their overall quality of life.

Regenerative medicine is an innovative medical field that uses substances from your own body to rejuvenate, regenerate, and repair injured muscles, ligaments, and cartilage. These treatments are natural, minimally invasive, and effective at healing your pain and getting you back on your feet. Often, these treatments involve a simple extraction of blood or bone marrow that is activated. Platelets in the blood are spun in a centrifuge to activate the healing cells from your own body. The activated substance is then injected into an injury site to enhance your body’s own healing potential, targeting wounded joints, muscles, and tendons.

Why Should I Choose Regenerative Orthopedics Over Traditional Medicine?

Regenerative orthopedics offers an innovative option for patients to heal without resorting to invasive surgeries. Compared to traditional treatments, there is minimal risk of complications or side effects. NSAIDs are a common recommendation for pain but come with a long list of possible complications. For example, some complications include an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Additionally, there are always risks with surgery. As an example, let’s discuss meniscus tears. Often, a patient diagnosed with a meniscus tear is immediately slated for surgery. However, surgery can cause additional degeneration in the joint. This then increases your potential for additional surgery. With regenerative medicine, the risk of further degeneration of the joint is non-existent. Additionally, regenerative procedures utilize your body’s own recuperative capacity, making a chance of rejection impossible as compared to joint replacement surgery.

How Can I Benefit From Treatment?

At Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we offer a variety of innovative treatments to get our patients back to their active lifestyles. Regenerative orthopedics give patients the opportunity to heal their condition without extensive recovery time. Using the exciting principles of orthobiologics, substances from a patient’s body injected into their injured tissue, we have helped our patients improve their overall quality of life and reduce their pain. If you are suffering from osteoarthritis, joint pain, back pain, PTSD, or tendinopathy, we have solutions. Our treatments include:

A Closer Look Into Regenerative Orthopedics

Our bodies are powerful mechanisms of healing. When the body becomes injured by a disease, injury, or pathogen our healing response quickly takes action. Cells are released by the body to heal the injury by binding to the injured area and healing the tissue. In some cases, however, the body’s natural healing response may not be enough and additional treatments may be required. While a patient’s first choice might be surgery, it’s important to weigh all options before choosing a treatment plan.

Orthobiologics is the term used to describe substances that are injected into a target area to repair damaged tissue and cartilage. Often, these substances are found naturally in the body and can stimulate your natural healing process. Orthobiologics is the main factor in a number of regenerative treatments, including autologous microfragmented adipose, bone marrow aspirate concentrate, and PRP and PRGF.

These substances will contain healing cells that can stimulate the healing process and get patients back on their feet, faster. This is especially important for professional athletes. These individuals require quick diagnoses, short recovery times, and faster healing in order to get back on the field or court. Orthobiologics is effective in these instances. In one study conducted on the impact of PRP on athletes, those who underwent PRP treatments showed significant improvement in their condition. PRP, specifically, has shown remarkable results in treating tendinopathy and other musculoskeletal conditions. Read more about it here.

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