Why Choose Prolotherapy over Surgery?

When you are faced with the potential of having surgery, it is vital to consider other effective options. Choosing to heal naturally through Prolotherapy will be the best deal. Regenerative Orthopedics and Sports Medicine have discussed reasons Prolotherapy is ideal. Visit this link for more information.

Minimal Risk

Surgery cannot be undone. Once it is completed, there are permanent alterations that occur. Some of the potential impacts include anesthesia reactions, scar tissue, and infections. Luckily, Prolotherapy is an in-office treatment that requires no general anesthesia or hospitalization. There is no major downtime, and formal post-op therapy is not necessary. Read about Considerations When Choosing a Prolotherapy Practitioner here. 


Surgery and other postoperative treatments are quite expensive. Being out of work for days to months can also be costly. Prolotherapy is an economical approach to pain treatment. Regenerative therapy is less expensive than surgical deductible insurance charges.


Prolotherapy is a dynamic, powerful injection approach that fortifies tendons, ligaments, and joints. Local inflammation is produced to build and strengthen tissues on time.

Rapid Recovery

There is practically no downtime with Prolotherapy. There is no after-care limitation of day-to-day activities. That means you can go about your activities within the shortest time possible. This is unlike after surgery, where you might go days without working.